Well played Syr(ia)

So President Trump has proved to have more of a back bone than Obama when it comes to dealing with bashar Assad in what I can at least only see as a positive thing for the people of Syria. 

Needless to say there has been the expected nonsense from the left and more liberal types with some of the arguements totally baffling to be fair.

Sky news on Saturday night had my absolute favourite with the panellist claiming that had there been more refugee placements in the west there wouldn’t be as many people killed or injured in Syria and went on to say that the response was misguided.  

It is almost laughable that some on the left view the conflict in this way, that Assadd is to act with impunity in killing his own people in the most horrific ways possible and we are to simply to relocate the Syrian people to new lives in the west. 

Honestly the fact that she honestly believes this is the correct path scares me about the type of world being created around us by people who clearly live in a fantasy world thank god we have someone willing to do the right thing in Trump.

Well played sir!!


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