Facists To The Left?

Its almost impossible to go more than a couple of days, without the label of fascist being thrown in someone’s direction.The sting of this once potent barb, is being diminished almost daily by its blatant overuse. It almost goes without saying anymore, that a lot of people no longer quite understand what they can or can’t say.
The potential for this to stifle debate is almost without question, although im sure some would happily attempt to try. These are challenging times at the moment with regard to what is deemed acceptable. Freedom of a speech has been nothing short of a beacon delivering ever more wide ranging freedoms. Unfortunately this has now come to war against ideals and identities attempting to devour each other.
I believe we are at a pivotal period in time where the leftist ideologies have pushed people to the point where the only rational place for reasonable thinkers to go is to the right. If im right in this viewpoint it could well be the thing that saves us from crazy world that many wish to create where we have innumerable gender pro nouns we are commanded to use while at the same time having our free speech impeded at every turn. 
Only time will tell if this is a war that the right can win but i hope that the no doubt many disenfranchised people on the left see that the direction they are headed in is as insane as they have become to fear. 


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