Position of strength


Attack of The Fact

In what can only be described as an action packed couple of weeks in terms of foreign policy a lot has been learned about the way in which the new occupant of the white house has chosen to deal with the North Korean issue as well as the mess in Syria. A strong position on both is nothing short of a breath of fresh air as for too long the previous administration’s inaction has allowed both Assad and Kim to believe they can act with impunity and without repercussions. 
It is without doubt both issues are complex and very different in the respective challenges though the importance of having a strong position in both of these issues cannot be underestimated, It is in my opinion the lack of a strong position by the Obama administration with regard to Syria which allowed Russia the opportunity to exert their influence in a conflict that could have been addressed long before.
It is without question the indecision and lack of action by the west that has led to the situation becoming more complicated than it ever had to be this should serve as a warning to everyone that the only way to deal with these type of issues is having a strong position that shows that there are consequences to the wrongful acts and breaches of international law. 
Im sure there will be many conservative minded voters like myself that are relieved to finally have a president that is willing to take a strong position on these issues and favours backbone over never ending diplomacy and inaction. 


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